Here at Quality ID Cards, we believe that every last bit of effort goes into making these Cards and Accessories and we pride ourselves on giving you the best possible Products and Service. We are concerned about the impact plastic cards are having on our environment so will research products that degrade in reasonable time scales when no longer needed. We are investigating and investing in renewable energy, eco-friendly transportation and the reduction of our carbon footprint.

No minimum order, no fuss, no artwork or set up charges. Just quick, high specification ID cards with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We hope that our Prices are better than what you were expecting and we can’t wait to hear from you!



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ID Cards and Name Badges

Quantity          Price

1-10                 £3.50 Per Card

11+                  Please Enquire


Lanyards (Breakaway, Printed Staff)

Available in Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue and Grey – 90p each.


Lanyards (Breakaway, Plain)

Available in Black, Red, Navy Blue, Navy Blue and Green – 70p each.


Card Holders (Open Faced, Plastic)

Available in Black, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Grey and White – 20p each.


Card Holders (Encapsulated) – 60p each.


Lapel Clips – 20p each.